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"Boy George is singing country. Can I hang out with you?"
I've been having a lot of stress dreams lately. Usually these are Not Fun At All. However, the other night I had one that was Definitely Fun.

I'm sleeping in the bedroom I had as a kid, complete with the funky green willow-branch patterned curtains. I wake up to a demonic attack conducted with a light show George Lucas would envy. The attack ends -- don't ask me how, it just ended with me lying there going WTF? -- and I call tarsa. We decide this is An Omen, and go to check out Satanpalooza.

See, there's a live tribute show going on to all the media images of Satan, including quite a few song-and-dance numbers. There was even one for Beelz. At one point, they start showing movies that feature Satan and in typical dream-fashion tarsa and I are both watching one of them, and in one of them. We don't get to do anything, though, we're still just observers. It's about a girl who has to decide between her boyfriend and her cat (who's Satan in disguise). She winds up dumping the guy and taking her cat with her to Oregon,and the next scene is a bunch of Nazis (including Hitler) storming the Indian Village neighborhood in my hometown. Apparently cat!Satan's plan was to have the Third Reich transported to 2050 if the girl chose him.

tarsa and I are talking about how stupid this movie is, when wildrider showed up and asked, "Boy George is singing country. Can I hang out with you?" We had to tell her no, there weren't any more tickets for the Satanpalooza, so she was stuck reviewing Boy George.

Then there was the movie with James Marsters starring as Satan. The only thing he's shown doing, however, is walking around a yard and washing up in an old-fashioned tin bathtub.He's completely naked, with his hand and/or a sponge conveniently blocking his crotch. We agree this is better than cat!Satan. When this movie ends, we get a snow globe of naked!James Marsters!Satan.

"Wonder if Barb would like it?" I ask tarsa.

Then I woke up.

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Damn. You win the Dream Sweepstakes.

Just out of curiosity... many Very Pretty But Not Suitable For Your State's Climate seedlings would I have to send to get a pic drawn of the snowglobe?

Re: Just out of curiosity...

Depends on how much detail you want. *g*

Re: Just out of curiosity...


Let me see how things go with the Job Situation. XD

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