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Hilary Wins NH
For everyone who thought her "crying" made her weak -- sit and spin, bitches!

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Three cheers for the nanny-state...

Oh, spare me. The only welfare supported by the government these days is corporate welfare.

Corporate welfare is not even close to the only form of welfare supported by our government, but nevertheless, government subsidies to corporations is far worse a problem (in terms of magnitude, not kind). However, my objection is not to whom government privilege is granted, but the fact that it is granted at all.

Individual persons, and by corollary, groups of persons (engaged in corporate activities) should be left to succeed or fail by their own merits. That is, to sink or swim based upon their own marketability, whether they are selling a product, or selling their labor to an employer.

"Rugged individualism" and "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" were and always have been myths. The people who tout them bitch the loudest when -- surprise, surprise -- shit happens to them, just like it does to those other people.

Safe food, safe water, safe roads, good healthcare, etc., are not God-given rights only of the rich and white.

Food, water, roads, heathcare, etc., are not God-given rights at all. Life, liberty, and the fruits of your labor: Those are God-given rights.

If you seriously believe people deserve to die because they can't afford food or water or healthcare, get the fuck off my friendslist.

Go back and live the 8th century, motherfucker.

Because your only alternatives are theft and death?

Talk about living in the past!

Who are you?

Doesn't matter. You're concern-trolling for your pal. You're gone.

Certainly not, they do not deserve to die. Neither do they deserve the benefit of receiving the fruits of my labor without my consent. They have the right to ask for assistance, and I (and every other individual) have the right to give it (and I do); But none have the right to demand of me what is mine, or to rob me of the fruits of my labor.

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Banned. Don't know you, don't care to.

Tell your friend ravens_hearth that if keeps sending over his buddies, I'll report him. None of you are welcome here.

You're only 25 years old. Save these comments, little boy -- they'll make you cringe in fifteen years.

The problem with food, water, roads, and healthcare being God-given rights is that these things don't exist without the work of man. If people didn't grow food, process water, build roads, and practice medicine you wouldn't have them. In short, they don't come from God, but from man.

By asserting that people have a right to these things you're insisting that people have a right to the work done by the farmers, builders, and doctors--they become slaves to the population.

It's just not right.

You're not on my list. You're gone. Tell your buddy to stop concern-trolling, and get the hint.

Huh. How interesting it is that libertarians fear Hillary so deeply, when in reality she's the Democratic candidate they have the least reason to fear (centrist, pro-business, etc.).

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